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Policy Compliance Audits For Amazon Sellers

We help Sellers on Amazon to spot violations, understand their responsibilities and comply with policy. Say Goodbye To Suspension.

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A Health Check-Up For Your Amazon Account

After years working in the 'Emergency Department' of Amazon Suspension, it's finally time to work in 'Preventative Medicine'. We identify issues and help treat them before it's a disaster!

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How it works

How it works

Book an audit

Choose an audit, Give access to your Seller Account via User Permissions

Get your audit report

Once we've completed your audit, we'll send you the detailed report + invite you to schedule a call with one of our specialists

Speak to a specialist

We'll talk you through the report, answer your questions and arrange a follow-up, once you've made recommended changes

70+ Compliance Checks

70+ Compliance Checks

Our audit reports include over 70 areas of compliance including: General Policy, Product Guidelines, Customer Service Performance, Shipping Performance, Product Policy Compliance, Return Reports & Beta Programs

2000+ Customers
Fully Insured
5 Years Experience
3800+ Cups of Coffee
Prevent Amaozn Suspension

Prevent Amazon Suspension

100% of Amazon suspensions occur as a result of policy or performance non-compliance. Our audits are designed to identify the issues and violations Amazon look for - so you can resolve them before Amazon suspend your selling account.

Suspension Experts

Prior to providing compliance audits and consulting, Joshua supported sellers in reinstating suspended accounts. He returned $500 Million Annual Revenue to Amazon.

New & 8-Figure Sellers

We've helped new sellers understand the basics as well as supporting some of Amazon Europe's largest 100 sellers navigate complex policy requirements and comply with ISO 9001 Standards.

Susepnded ON Amazon

If you rely on your Amazon income to pay the mortgage, feed your kids, or pay staff who do; you need to take compliance seriously.

When Amazon suspends sellers it typically holds the funds in your account for at least 90 days. That means at any moment you could lose all income. How much can you afford to lose?

Suspension is scary

I've heard too many people crying down the phone to me after they miss a loan repayment or have to declare bankrupcy.

Compliance is difficult

Amazon have hundreds of pages of policy with legal language, lots of metrics and it's really hard for any seller to understand and follow

Seller Performance are bad

The team that works as judge, jury and executioner are non-respondent, templated responders that don't care about you.

Let's fight this together

Our only option? I'll work out this policy mess and let you know if you make a mistake so we can sort it out long before Amazon try!



It's quite simple really. We deliver the best service possible to every client at one low price.

Amazon Account Compliance Audit
/Marketplace Account
15 min Onboarding Call
70+ Compliance Policies & Metrics Checked
Receive Your Amazon Compliance Audit Report (10+ Pages)
1 hour Audit Review Call
72h Audit Delivery
In doubt? Don’t hesitate to contact us.
Discounts available for multiple account audits, please contact us.

About Joshua

Member of International Compliance Association
ICA Certificate in Compliance

- Provided Amazon Suspension Support to 2000+ Clients​
- Worked for UK Government to help 180 UK SME’s Sell in EU​
- Managed Amazon Accounts, $35 Million managed
- Reinstated $500 Million of sellers revenues

Based in the UK, Joshua works with numerous service providers and the largest sellers on Amazon. The regulatory compliance for money laundering or financial services are well supported, steeped in many years of compliance support; Compliance for Online Sellers is a totally new problem that Joshua's answering.

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